The stop action is mechanical

Principle :

The stop trace-rodare are linearly guided in two points :
By the square holes of the facade and by the other square holes behind the windchest


By a set of kneecaps and set squares, the movement is passed on in 90 °, towards levers on the sides of the windchest.

The ratio enters the movement of the stop in the facade and the movement of the slider is 8/50.
The stop stroke is 8 cm
The slider stroke is 1,6 cm

The stops are on the sides of keyboards as this :

At the letf side : Grand-Orgue stops
At the right side : Positif and Pedale stops


Mechanism mounted under the windchest

Stop action

Blocs for the levers

Slot for the passage of the mechanics through a foot of the windchest frame




levers action


Other view

Positif sliders levers forms


The mechanics of the chimney flute 8' passes outside the windchest


Stop Knobs