I realized plans in 3D on computer
It is completely removable.
It is constituted by two parts : the lower case including a part of the mechanics as well as the blower, and the upper case including the windchest and the pipes.

The organ case contains 10 trapdoors.

I wanted a modern organ case, in ash tree not tinged, in the sober forms.

Not possessing the adequate machine tools of workshop, I appealed to Mister Patrick Lintilhac, joiner, who realized the various elements by following my plans sides and my 3D drawings .

Raw wood


The different elements are polyurethaned


Upper back doors


The doors system lock


Lower back doors



Notches for the coupler pedals
(before they was lined with felt)


Installation of the lower case


The back part was mounted before the installation of the pipes


Holes for the façade pipes (prestant 4') and square holes for the stops trace-rod



Music light notch


Installation of the upper case


pipe stays


music desk with walnut inlay


Installation of the façade pipes



Organ case in 3D à 360°
(without the doors)