It's a double windchest : The Grand-Orgue part is forward and the Positif part is behind.

I built it according to the traditional construction, with grooved frame, fillets (flipots) and bars made in oak.
The top board is made in special 10 mm Plywood.
The channels are 14 mm width for the basses to 7 mm width pour the trebles.
The bars are 16 mm and 12 mm width.
The side end dimensions are 1420 mm x 960 mm x 60 mm
The first octave alternates from the left to the right side and the rest is chromatic
The sliders chests and toe boards are in oak .
The sliders chests tightness is is realized by means of gasketing rings made of white liegelind.


The grid end


The bars



The grooved rail


The top board


Gluing the grid end


The various stages ...


All bars are glued


Jig for cutting the oak fillets slots




Surface finishing with a special jig



Grid side finished


The tightness of the spacers which separate the G.O. of the Positive is strengthened with skin


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