The couplers and pedal couplers action is realized through back falls under the keyboard.


The back falls revolve on their axis, fixed to three welded aluminum frames, articulated by kneecaps and activated by three control pedals.



The 30 pedal coupler I/ped back falls

The 3 back falls sizes : II/Péd - I/Péd - I/II


The aluminum frame - Drilling for the points of pivot axes


Jig to insert pins at the same height


Pins installed




Punchings, made of red scarlet key bushing cloth (casimir)


A punching is placed at the bottom of every pins to keep the mechanism quiet


Installation of the back falls


Insertion of the second punching and one collar to maintain the back falls


The couplert II/I back falls installed on the aluminum frame


The frame will be connected with the pedal with this hole


The three blocks of pivot of couplers pedals


The mecanic of the blocks




Pedal Roller Board


Back of the mechanics


The three coupler pedals


The three coupler pedals installed